luni, 22 decembrie 2008

EU Biodiversity Action Plan Report 2008

Raportul si planul de actiune in limba romana aici

2010 biodiversity target is a hundred years away

Reacting to today's mid-term report of the European Commission on the EU Action Plan to halt the loss of biodiversity [1] BirdLife International [2] deplores the "shameful failure" of Member State governments and EU Institutions to take adequate action for wildlife and the natural environment. Far too little is done to stop the loss of wild species and the degradation of natural systems in Europe and world-wide.

While BirdLife congratulates the Commission in Brussels today for having compiled an impressive analysis, it points out that the most revealing aspect of this report is the "huge gap between stated ambition and real action," stated Konstantin Kreiser, EU Policy Manager at BirdLife International in Brussels. "The Commission is right when stressing the first successes of the nature Directives and Natura 2000, but we can only turn the tide if they are properly implemented by Member States, adequately funded and most of all if nature conservation is integrated into other policies."

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