luni, 17 august 2009

Romanian 'Nature 2000' sites endangered!

Many Romanian nature reservations, part of 'Nature 2000' European network of protected natural sites, are affected by the authorities' lack of interest and the unclear legislation.

This is the case of Alba County (central Transylvania) with over 80 sites and 50 protected areas, which are part of the European patrimony, and need immediate attention.

Many of these locations either have no appointed custodians, or are simply ignored by local administrations who are legally responsable for them but are not qualified for making some profit out of them in a non-invasive way.

Alba County's administration is in fact famous for supporting subversive projects in such areas regardless of the European and the Romanian legislation.

Romanian environemantal NGOs affirm that most of the Natura 2000 areas from the Carpathian Mountains, with endangered animal and rare plants, are not even known by the public, which makes it hard to protect them.


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