luni, 4 februarie 2008

Environmental Protests against new Ski Areas in Bulgaria

A coalition of environmental groups opposed to the development of new ski facilities in Rila National Park, Bulgaria, claim that 1000 people from social and environmental moments and outdoor clubs joined a march, calling on the Bulgarian Environmental Ministry and parliamentarians to abide to the national and European legislation and stop what the protestors believe is the illegal resort developments in Rila National Park. Dressed as traditional “ghost chasers”, or “kouckeri”, representatives of local culture clubs circled the Bulgarian parliament to chase out the evil spirits. A large banner, saying “Rila Hangs by a Thread” was hung next to the building of the Environmental Ministry.
“We carry headlights to bring light to Bulgarian authorities, who often seem to make deals in the dark. We demand transparency and insist that Rila Buffer is included in Natura 2000″, said Tsvetan Kosturkov, one of the organisers.


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