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WWF, together with over 50 NGOs addresses the MADNESS OF WASTEFUL PAPER CONSUMPTION in the collaborative project “Shrink” which will be launched on 9 June 2008.

Individuals as well as corporate and institutional paper users will be invited to pledge to cut their paper consumption, on the new website
A press release (embargoed until 9 June) as well as motivational emails to individuals and corporates for your information, translation and use are now posted on

WWF staff can access the Shrink website already now on

Help stop wasteful paper use by making a SHRINK pledge , inviting your friends to make a pledge and by supporting this important project through your communication channels.
It would be great if you can do any or all of the following things to support this important project and help take the pressure off the world's forests:
1. Forward the call to pledge far and wide. As soon as the website goes live, you will each receive the email for individuals asking you to go the website and make a pledge. It will be laid out to look like the website. Please forward it as widely as you possibly can - send it to all your colleagues, members, listserves and networks.
2. Put a link to on your website.
3. Put this (or similar) in your email signature: HELP STOP PAPER WASTE - MAKE A PLEDGE ON
4. Send out the press release to your national media as appropriate
5. Use the email to companies as appropriate and invite them to wasteful paper use.
6. Mention the website in blogs, newsletters, articles and conversation.

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