miercuri, 27 ianuarie 2010

“Post-2010 Biodiversity Vision and Target - The role of Protected Areas and Ecological Networks in Europe”

The aim of the conference will be to discuss at European level how the Contracting Parties to the CBD implement the programme of work on protected areas, thus contributing to the achievement of the 2010 target to reduce biodiversity loss to see how implementation may be improved by better integrating the ecosystem approach, in a context of climate change. Additionally it is expected to contribute with suggestions to the goals of CBD's programme of work to be adopted in 2010.
To this end, the presentations on various initiatives to establish ecologic al networks and their core areas should help assess the degree of implementation of the CBD's programme of work on protected areas and to identify its strengths and shortcomings. These initiatives are being conducted at various levels of government: Community, national, and subnational. The conference will provide a forum to discuss practical ways of filling the gaps and addressing the challenges identified for the implementation of the CBD's programme of work on protected areas. Recommendations could accordingly be made with a view to adapting the concept of protected areas/core areas of ecological networks in response to the impact of climate change and, secondly, with a view to dealing with the risk of increased dispersal of invasive species through the creation of ecological networks, and make recommendations for the development of monitoring strategies.
Although the main focus will be on implementation of current obligation under the CBD, the Bern Convention, the Birds and Habitats Directives and other international legal instruments, the conference should in particular consider the likely impact on biodiversity of climate change and discuss the need for a more adaptive management of protected areas, with a view to make it more coherent with the new conditions arising mainly from climate change.

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