miercuri, 4 februarie 2009

Highlights of the February Strasbourg plenary session 2-5 February 2009


Climate Change Committee sets out future policy goals
MEPs will be debating and voting on Parliament's Temporary Committee on Climate Change final recommendations for the EU's future integrated policy on climate change. MEPs in the committee take as a basis the EU objective to keep the global average temperature increase below 2°C and call for a target of a 25-40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to be achieved by 2020. They recommend detailed measures to be taken in the key economic sectors. MEPs in the committee are concerned that "climate change is both more rapid and more serious in terms of its adverse effects than was previously thought".
MEPs want to strengthen Natura 2000 network
The Environment Committee calls the Commission to set wilderness conservation as a priority in its strategy to address climate change and defends an EU wilderness strategy, complementary to other existing instruments. In addition, MEPs underline the importance of strengthening the Natura 2000 network, stressing the need for more coherent policies among different sectors, such as agriculture and energy, in order not to undermine the conservation objectives of Natura 2000.


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