vineri, 6 februarie 2009

LIFE: May 15 is launch day for 2009 call for proposals

28 January 2009 DG ENV is planning to launch its 2009 call for proposals for LIFE+ projects on May 15 2009. The 2009 applications package will be made available on that date on the LIFE website.

Since the LIFE unit anticipates that there are unlikely to be significant changes with respect to the 2008 call, it recommends that potential applicants begin preparing their applications using the 2008 applications package.

This is available to download from the LIFE website now. It is important to note however that applicants MUST submit their proposals using the 2009 application forms that will be made available on May 15.

In principle, a maximum of EUR 250 million will be available for the 2009 call.

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