miercuri, 21 ianuarie 2009

The EP to punish Bulgaria over ecology

The Petition committee in the European parliament will insist on a firm reaction of the European Commission on the problems in the investigated petitions, attacking violations of the ecologic legislature in Bulgaria.

Up to now despite the many problems, the Bulgarian government was only reproached for not keeping the European legislature in a number of spheres, but according to the deputies from the Committee more serious measures are needed for our country, money.bg announced.

We remind you that during its visit in the end of October the mission of the committee on Petitions in the European Parliament announced that it is "shocked by the systematic violations in the sphere of environment, which are being carried out in Bulgaria".

Deputies from the European Parliament will insist on the strictest and most urgent measures, which have to be taken by the Commission regarding the violation of the ecology legislature in Bulgaria.

On Tuesday the Petition committee has investigated again the information regarding the violation and inadequacy of NATURA 2000 network in Bulgaria. According to it the problems are very serious and their resolution must not be postponed.


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