joi, 22 ianuarie 2009

Scoala de vara: Ecologie si biologie, Polonia

Mammal Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, supported by the funds from European Commission within the Marie Curie Programme, is organising the third Summer School in Ecology and Biodiversity for PhD students and graduates starting their scientific careers.
During one-week course, 65 participants will enjoy lectures, seminars, and hands-on practical training, performed in Białowieża and Biebrza National Parks, Poland.
The scope of the event covers various aspects of ANIMAL (mainly MAMMAL) SCIENCES: ecological and conservation genetics, population and evolutionary ecology, biogeography and macroecology, physiological ecology, conservation of biodiversity, application of GIS in ecology and nature conservation, statistics and mathematical modelling in ecology, and methods of ecological research on animals.
The costs of participation in Summer School (fee, travel and accommodation in Białowieża) are covered by the European Commission.


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